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What Happens At School 1 1/2 by fallen-angel93 What Happens At School 1 1/2 :iconfallen-angel93:fallen-angel93 0 0 What Happens At School by fallen-angel93 What Happens At School :iconfallen-angel93:fallen-angel93 0 0
Hope is an illusion;
Tailored by optimists,
Bolstered by the media,
And held in every person's heart.
I'd given up;
Thought I wasn't secretly,
Hoping that by some small chance,
That I'd be able to go.
Imagine my surprise when
To my delight,
I was invited along
And I had a chance to see him.
Suddenly that foolish emotion
Hope, that some say is a flower
(more like a weed in my opinion)
Took root in my heart.
The entire day I was happy
Delighted, giddy even,
With the thought that I could
Hold him, touch him, see him.
Oh, curse that foolish emotion
For that night,
I got the news that they were going
A different day, when I couldn't go.
With a blank face,
A heavy heart,
And stinging eyes,
I said, "Oh, that's fine."
I texted him,
Passing on the news,
Hoping he wouldn't sense my mood
And that I could think alone.
The bigger they are,
The harder they fall, right?
My hope had been huge,
And the news was crushing.
Such a small thing,
Silly, even,
That not seeing him
Would invoke this reaction.
:iconfallen-angel93:fallen-angel93 1 0
Nearly finished NyanCat scarf by fallen-angel93 Nearly finished NyanCat scarf :iconfallen-angel93:fallen-angel93 6 1 Semi-finished Dr. Who Scarf by fallen-angel93 Semi-finished Dr. Who Scarf :iconfallen-angel93:fallen-angel93 2 2
Life and Decisions 3
"Just a normal day, a normal day at work." I said to myself, singing along with Avenged Sevenfold. I was at my work, sweeping the dining room. Liz floated/walked behind me as usual, swirling, twirling, and dancing to the music. As a part of me, she loves music just as much or even more than me. She lets the music penetrate deep into her being, and lets it express itself through dance. Only once or twice had she managed to completely take control over my body and get me to dance. And when that had happened, and I actually danced…it was almost like I had become a different person. Like dancing let all my stresses just float away on a purple wind. Why purple?  I'm not sure why. Sometimes, I see words in colors, and sounds in colors also. I'm not sure why that is. For an example, when I see the word "big", it always has this red aura to it…but anyways, dancing for me was a precious thing; a thing that was special, because I hardly ever did it. Honestly, I don't really know how to danc
:iconfallen-angel93:fallen-angel93 0 0
Never forget a promise
Never forget a promise.
I was walking home one beautiful day. The sun lightly hugged the earth and the clouds played across the summer sky. I had not walked far until something caught the apple in my eye. It was a flower, and a beautiful flower at that. A flower that was hidden in a shady corner of an old broken house, it was a promise flower. It was stuck in an old flower basket, probably by some old woman many years back and then forgotten. It was a sight to see, every petal, every leaf perfect, but surrounding this promise were a myriad of weeds, each wanting to soak up every last drop of water that happened to fall in this little old basket. Something seemed almost divine about this flower. Though it was forgotten by the very hands that planted it, though it was surrounded by a forest of weeds, each trying to make this flower wilt, each trying to steal the beauty of this flower for itself, this flower, though it was stuck in a cold dark corner, still prospered. This promise still s
:iconfallen-angel93:fallen-angel93 0 0
Dr. Who Scarf WIP by fallen-angel93 Dr. Who Scarf WIP :iconfallen-angel93:fallen-angel93 2 2
Life and Decisions 6
In, out. In between the strings. I pulled the yarn through, finishing another row of weaving, Liz looking over my shoulder.
"Whatcha doing, Marty?" She asked.
"I'm making a life blanket. See these different colors of yarn?" She nodded, trying to touch them to feel the texture, but her hand ghosted through them as usual.
"They represent all the different people in my life. This yellow one is Mom, the light blue is Dad, and this brown and blue one is German."
"So where's mine?" She asked, her eyes slowly traveling from color to color.
"Here's yours." I pointed to a patch of weaving at the very beginning of the blanket. It was light grey, with a filmy add-in yarn. She considered it for a second, her face inscrutable.
Slowly she smiled. "I like it." I sighed in relief. If she had thrown a fit, I would have had to rip out most of my work and start over. She pointed to the yarn in my hand.
"So who is this?"
The yarn in my hand was one of many colors. I'd added two add-in yarns to the origina
:iconfallen-angel93:fallen-angel93 1 2
Inception Alternate Ending
The original ending is a cliffhanger. Cobb opened his eyes slowly and looked around the cab. The entire team was smiling at him, grinning almost satisfied smirks at a job well done. His eyes fell on Sado, and his gaze turned into a glare of accusation as he and the other man remembered the promise that had been made. Sado stared back for a minute, remembered, and picked up the airplane phone, and dialed. Cobb settled back into his chair, and his face was one of contemplation. "Could this really truly all be happening?" He thought wonderingly. "Am I really on my way back to the states, to my children after all that has happened?"
The next few hours passed like a dream, as he picked up his bags, and saw the team avoiding each other as usual, so that Fletcher wouldn't notice them all together and realize that they really did exist. As it was, Fletcher saw Cobb, and Cobb saw a flicker of recognition cross his face, then replaced with confusion. The car ride home went fast, and be
:iconfallen-angel93:fallen-angel93 1 0
What is Death?
Fables: What is death?
"What is death, Mommy?" little Katsa asked as she wiped the dirty dishes clean. Her mom looked at her.
"Why do you ask?" Mother asked cautiously. Her young daughter danced around the room in her normal carefree way, putting away the now clean dishes. The only difference was that she seemed a little confused, for she stared off into the distance more than usual with a concerned look on her face.
"My friend Mara said that her mom met Death the other day. She seemed sad. I didn't know what to tell her. She started crying." Katsa looked over at her mother. "Why was she crying?"
Mother stopped washing dishes and wiped her hands on her apron. She held out her arms for Katsa, who immediately went to her. She picked her up and walked to the window with Katsa on her hip. Out the window was a beautiful view of a tree, and a branch grew very close to the house. On the branch were several leaves, and on one stem, was a bird's nest. "Dear, you see these leaves? What color are
:iconfallen-angel93:fallen-angel93 1 0
Picky Eaters
I went to a Hardee's last year and ordered a Bean and Cheese Burrito. After my order was taken, I sat down, and, a second later, heard the cashier shout, "What goes in the Bean and Cheese Burrito?" A million thoughts rushed through my head at hearing this statement, for I could tend to be very picky about my food. Images of flies and bits of human hairs floated through my head, making me cringe. I suddenly remembered an article that I had read in the newspaper a few weeks ago of how an employee of Micky D's had chopped his finger off, and it had landed in a salad and been packaged up. It had later been found in the salad by a purchaser, who had bit into it. I couldn't help but imagine a bloody finger in my coming burrito. I shuddered again.
My thoughts next turned to another article that I had read, and a gruesome picture that I had seen on the internet. A frog had been gathered up with a crop of lettuce, and ended up in a prepared bag of salad, and managed to live in the salad until i
:iconfallen-angel93:fallen-angel93 0 0
Why u no choose me?
Bad writing Assignment
It was a dark and stormy night as I walked home. How could something have gone so totally wrong?  I had tried my best to make myself frankly clear. I laid all my cards out on the table, showed my true side to him, and he had thrown me aside like the unwanted arm of a victim after a zombie had gorged himself on the rest of the body.  We were perfect for each other; why couldn't he see that? He liked Star Wars, and I liked Zombie Island. He liked playing Call of Duty and I was a Halo fanatic. Doesn't he realize that all opposites attract?
It had been a long walk when I finally dragged myself into my house. My mom and pop were sitting in the living room where I had left them four hours ago, watching a blue screen tv. "The cable must have gone out," I thought to myself.  I went and turned the TV off, and then headed upstairs, after grabbing a bag of chips and about five cans of Monster. My sister was sitting propped against her chair, smiling her benign smile that sh
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Art Trade with my Friend
I remember a young, kind man,
Who, though by chance, became my friend.
An accident, brought us together,
A golden year of memories.
Our meeting became a mutual joke,
My head, whacked by a trombone.
A mistaken gender identity,
Will always remain a cherished memory.
The year I spent with him was fun;
Full of jokes, mischief, and camaraderie,
Inside jokes were abundant with us,
Though, to be honest, we both have forgotten most of them.
The end of the marching band season was bittersweet,
We were happy, exuberant in our success on the field,
But sadness was in the air, and I was everywhere,
Crying, yet comforting my best friend with a joke.
So many happy memories were made that year,
When he had a laughing fit and couldn't stop,
When I got hit over the head with the plank,
When we would walk to the buses together.
No matter how far we are apart physically,
No matter what we say or do,
No matter what fights we get into,
We are friends, and Jake, I'll be there for you.
:iconfallen-angel93:fallen-angel93 0 0
Paws Inc. 2012 by fallen-angel93 Paws Inc. 2012 :iconfallen-angel93:fallen-angel93 1 2 For my German by fallen-angel93 For my German :iconfallen-angel93:fallen-angel93 2 0


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Flashy Egyptian God :iconhumon:humon 1,602 180
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I love photography, and you will almost never find me without a camera of some sort on me, whether it be a full up camera, or just my phone. I love to manipulate my photos, and I love art! :D

Favourite genre of music: New hit county /german rock bands
Favourite photographer: Tom Hanser
Favourite style of art: my friends
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Hinata Huyga
Personal Quote: "I cannot survive w/o books"~Thomas Jefferson
So it has come to my attention that DA can take art and sell it to companies without the artist's consent. (more info here:…) This I find very disturbing and while I'm not nearly a good enough artist to have any kind of audience/fanbase here, I do create items and I don't want my ideas ripped off, and I do commission pretty good artists to draw my characters, and I don't want my characters stolen because they happen to be in cosplay for Doctor who or the like. 

So in a few weeks, I'll be clearing my gallery of all my submissions. 

I'm posting this just to alert my watchers that if they want to jump ship now, it would be a good idea. (Not that I've actually posted anything for years.)

I'll be keeping my account as mainly a journal ranting place and I'll just be a lurker on the people I watch.

Ciao, peeps.
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  • Playing: my ds
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